A leap forward in convenience, EntraPass go Pass turns a mobile device into an access control credential. EntraPass go Pass allows users with appropriate credentials to quickly and conveniently access secured areas with a few taps of a mobile device including an Apple Watch.

Supply chain shortages have caused increased in lead times for goods of all type, from Groceries to manufacturing goods, but many businesses are feeling the hit while trying to add additional keyfobs to their existing access control solutions.

The answer to difficult to find parts? Partnering with Hattrix, and Kantech’s Entrapass go Pass, never buy fobs again, and provide your customers with superior convenience at a lower cost.

How does it work?

Your customers can use ioSmart readers and mobile credentialling with panel-based access control installations to complement, or replace their legacy card and fob strategy with smartphone-based mobile credentials. This allows our dealers even more flexibility in the services they offer clients! IoSmart mobile credentials not only provide superior convenience, and cost, but additionally allow administrators to easily issue and revoke personnel credentials remotely without needing to manage physical card or fob stock inventory. Your clients are able to securely allow personnel to conveniently access facilities using their smartphones without the security risk of lost, stolen or cloning of legacy card or fob technologies.

What Can It do?

Your customers are already paying for coffee and boarding planes with their phone, why not offer them the ability to manage access control with their phones and other mobile devices?EntraPass Go Pass provides access control that allows entry to secured areas using iOS mobile, including Apple Watch, and Android devices.

EntraPass Go Pass support for Apple Watch makes credential use as simple as possible and
extremely fast. Instead of searching through a bag or pocket for a smart phone,
push a button on your watch when you enter or exit a restricted area, which only takes a few

EntraPass Go Pass allows users to save doors they access frequently into a Favorites list or
in you widgets right on your mobile device without even unlocking the phone or opening the
app for quick and easy access. These additional convenience features are why Kantech customers routinely have the highest attrition rates. When you provide your customers with service like this, they don’t ever want to switch.

Easy Set-up

EntraPass administrators enable the EntraPass Go Pass feature for cardholders with appropriate access levels by simply checking the box within the EntraPass system. This automatically sends those cardholders two links:

• The first link prompts the cardholder to download the app from the app store
• The second link allows the cardholder to register the device information necessary to utilize the application.

Once completed, the app connects to the EntraPass server and presents the cardholder with a list of doors he or she is authorized to enter, just as if they had an access card.

Management is as simple as possible, reducing service calls, and when paired with Hattrix, your access control business may never have to send another service truck to a customer for access control again.

EntraPass Go Pass works as part of your a EntraPass system, or with the hattrix hosted/ managed access solution. Customers can add Go Pass users and, as with traditional access cards, can reassign the credential should that cardholder leave the company. EntraPass is scalable and expandable from one EntraPass Go Pass user to thousands.

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